Sustainable Seafood Efforts

Lessening Our Impact

Brophy's is proud to be a part of Santa Barbara's Sustainable Seafood Efforts. We are working hard towards reducing our impact on the planet in many ways. We have modified our menu the past two years and it now meets 90% sustainablity. We have consolidated our vendors into a smaller number, switched to local companies to supply nearly all of our needs, and lessened the number of deliveries per week. This means considerably less mileage involved, thereby lowering our carbon footprint.

We proudly divert up to 70% of our waste to the Foodscraps Collection Program. These are turned into compost that becomes soil amendment for local farms and parks, reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides!


Our mission is to educate the Santa Barbara community about the impact of their seafood choices on the health of the planet. By increasing community support for sustainable and local seafood, we hope to do our part to ensure that all the tasty dishes we enjoy today are available for generations to come. Our vision is to see Santa Barbara become known as a town that actively supports the longevity of their local fisheries and that leads the county in support for a sustainable seafood movement.


We want to shift our community’s seafood consumption to sustainable sources, consumer by consumer and restaurant by restaurant.

By helping restaurants and markets replace unsustainable seafood items with sustainable ones, we hope to shift thousands of dollars spent supporting unsustainable fisheries to supporting the new sustainable seafood movement.

We also work to spread awareness by educating and inspiring our community to raise their standards for their seafood choices.